Finishing The Scarab Prototype

Got Gazzbass custom basses all wired up to my social media accounts.
Currently finishing off the prototype of the Scarab bass. I’ll be posting more pictures and videos soon.
Its tonal range is tremendous… everything from 70’s Fender to Kubicki Factor to Status Graphite, so it looks like the active preamp design is good!

The Scarab

The Scarab

More to come SOON!

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Custom Basses Are Go!

Finally got my custom basses website theme configured!

As well as playing them since 1982, I have been making electric bass guitars since 1998.
My luthier adventures all began with the following bass I like to call the “Dual-Nation” bass. This was my first attempt at making an electric bass guitar.

It is a through-neck design.

The body wings are made of a Flame Maple-Walnut-Flame Maple sandwich. The neck is made of Purpleheart and Maple, whilst the finger board is made of an Ebony-Bubinga sandwich.

The bass features chrome hardware with black-anodised control knobs. The tuning heads are by Schaller.
The pickups are single-coil active pickups by EMG and the guitar is a 34-inch scale.

The bass has a hand-painted bald eagle bust and a thistle, hence the “Two Nations”. I’m originally from Scotland (thistle) but now live in the U.S.A (bald eagle).
The bass is finished with a durable polyurethane coat, although I was originally tempted to finish it in tung oil to give a natural wood look.

This little gem sounds very 80’s American funk… good for my playing style.

Hope you like it!


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