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Technique 8 : Leading Pentatonic Triplet
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This is one of my all time favorite techniques and one that is used a lot by Mark King.

The leading pentatonic triplet is so called because you lead into it by either playing a slapped staccato noteor a popped dead note. I show both in the tab and use the popped dead note in the video. If triplets scare you, don't worry... time and patience will conquer all! Slap bass triplets involve a lot of fret hand dampening, so I'll explain this the best I can...

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Play open E-String, then a dead string pop on the G-String. Immediately after, play D-String 9th Fret hammer on to 11th fret, muted E-String (1st triplet), popped G-String 9th Fret, left hand mute, pressing down quickly and hard, muted E-String (2nd triplet), popped G-String 7th Fret.

There! Sounds easy, eh? As can be seen, the technique is composed of two triplets, but its the way these triplets are performed that count.

In the first triplet, the muted E-String is the important note. This gives body and speed illusion to it. In the second triplet, the fret hand rules, and the second and third muted notes have to be executed correctly for the whole effect to be carried off! Its a quick fret hand damp - slap hand strike combo.

Needless to say, this technique takes practice to get down. Once you have it, you can roll them off almost at will, at most positions on the fret board. This technique is predominantly used during soloing, but I have heard Mark King use them from time to time during a live set or gig.
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