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Technique 13 : Slap-Strum Combos
To view the tab/notation in the download package, you will need the TablEdit viewer.Get it HERE!
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Here is one of my favorite techniques, and can be played anywhere on the instrument.

Strumming and slapping within the same phrase makes that phrase very interesting and fluid, even within asong passage. Its quite hard to master and, indeed, a whole DVD could be devoted to it and its variants. However, I will briefly describe it here. Refer to the video and tab/notation and perform the following:

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Form an A-Major chord by G-String 14th Fret, D-String 14th Fret, A-String 12th Fret. Using the middle 3 fingers of your slap hand, push down through the three strings. That's a DOWN STRUM (D). Now, rake your fingers up over the three strings. That's an UP STRUM (U). To play the segment in the video, do the following:A-Major chord by G-String 14th Fret, D-String 14th Fret, A-String 12th Fret. Strum in 16ths, D-U-D-U-D. Dampen the A-Major chord and strum Up. Next, form F#-Major chord by G-String 11th Fret, D-String 11th Fret, A-String 9th Fret. Strum in 16ths, D-U-D-U-D. Dampen the F#-Major chord and strum Up. Next, form G-Major chord by G-String 12th Fret, D-String 12th Fret, A-String 10th Fret. Strum in 16ths, D-U. Next, F#-major chord, strum down.  Next, E-Major chord by G-String 9th Fret, D-String 9th Fret, A-String 7th Fret. Dampen it and strum up, un-dampen then strum down and let ring for a quarter bar.

Whew! As I said, kinda hard to describe and certainly could have more space devoted to it than I can give here, but once you nail it... VERY rewarding!
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