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Technique 10 : Dead String Pop/Ghosting
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The open muted pop, ghost note, or Dead String Pop as I have come to call it, is a must technique for slap bass. It is used to both create the illusion of speed and to accent a bass line, usually in an off-beat style.

Although relatively easy to perform, timing is all important in dead string popping in order for the bass line to sound meaningful with regard to timing. You can refer to the video and tab/notation for dead string popping below.

A dead string pop is performed usually on the G or D string, whereby your fret hand is merely muting the string very lightly. You then just pop the lightly muted string.

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To play the riff in the video, play Open E-String, then muted Open E-String, dead string pop G-String, hammer on A-String 4th to 5th Fret, muted Open E-String, dead string pop G-String, two slaps on A-String 5th fret, dead string pop G-String.

As you can see and hear, as you get faster, using this technique fills holes in the line and creates the illusion of speed. It also lends itself to producing a more interesting, funkier groove!
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